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NAME: Aiden Christopher Carpenter
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: 08/25/2005

ABILITIES: Electrokinesis/Electrical Generation


HOMETOWN: Thorndale, PA
PARENTS: Thomas Carpenter,
Jenna Carpenter
SIBLINGS: Stephen Carpenter

QUIRKS: Mumbles to himself, tries
to do everything himself, active imagination
LIKES: Guitars, pizza, soft surfaces
DISLIKES: Himself, being hungry, constantly being afraid


NAME: Kaitie
AGE: 28
AIM: Redconfession
CONTACT: [ profile] redconfession

Once upon a time Aiden was fairly outgoing, but after his powers emerged he retreated into himself, afraid to get close to anyone in case his powers acted out again. That, combined with running away from home when he was 15 and roaming from town to town, has led him to be quite distrustful of other people to boot. Though he relies on handouts to survive, he questions anyone who might offer to give him more than spare change while he's busking. If his own distrust isn't enough, the fact he's afraid to let anyone touch him for fear of electricuting them does nothing to help improve his image, making him look like he's standoffish to boot.
Anyone managing to look past that sees Aiden has developed a rather dry, snarky sense of humor and despite his best effort desperately wants to connect with other people. He hates being alone.

Aiden has long, messy brown hair that has a tendency to fall into his face, and blue eyes, and he stands at 5'11". As a result of living on the streets for as many years as he has he often looks dirty of desheveled, though he tries to clean up regularly. He's also underweight for his size, at about 120 lbs, causing most of his clothes--all bought secondhand--to hang awkwardly off his lanky frame, always looking too large for him. Though he'll wear whatever is cheapest, he prefers earthy colors that help him to blend in to a crowd. He always wears long sleeves to cover scars on his wrists. PB is Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

01. Originally picked up guitar so he could form a band with his best friend at the time, Chase Kelly.
02. Though he didn't read much before he ran away, reading old sci-fi novels has become a way Aiden treats himself on rare occasions he goes shopping.
03. "Eric" is his go-to alias whenever he needs one.
04. Hasn't physically touched anyone since his powers manifested. He's been too afraid to.
05. Was never enamored by the whole "superhero" set before he got his powers and definitely isn't a fan after.
06. Thing.
07. Thing.
08. Thing.
09. Thing.
10. Thing.

Aiden's life started out normal enough on the east coast, in a suburb about a half hour away from Philadelphia. He grew up idolizing his brother Stephen, 11 years his senior, and trying to emulate him.
When he was 13, his powers manifested themselves one night while he was asleep, surrounding him in a powerful electrical forcefield. Stephen, who had been awoken by the sound of the intense crackling in his brother's room next door, promptly rushed in and tried to save him from the field, but was electrocuted, causing him to be paralyzed from the waist down.
Aiden was devastated that he had even accidentally done such a thing to his brother, and while his brother was recuperating, tried various ways to shut off his powers, which only seemed to cause them to balloon further out of control. His parents tried to be supportive at first, but as Stephen's physical therapy got more intensive and Aiden continued to short out nearly every electronic device in the house--not to mention a few close calls with themselves and neighborhood animals--they started to resent him. By the end of that year Aiden was unable the stress of living under a roof of people who didn't want him and having to see the face of the brother he paralyzed, and so he ran away, first to Philly and then wherever the next bus out of town would take him.
On the road Aiden quickly had to find a way to earn enough to eat, as being a teenager with nearly no marketable skills and being too afraid to go near shelters or soup kitchens for fear of causing a terrible accident left him with little options. He took to busking using an old guitar he stole from a second-hand store. Though terrible at first, he quickly learned how to play, and play well enough to get people to stop and toss their coins into his open case.
The past few years living on the streets and being alone has taken a toll on Aiden, but he refuses to acknowledge them in any way.

Aiden has the ability to generate electricity from within his body, which he can then manipulate to his desire. If they worked properly, it would make Aiden potentially one of the most powerful electrokinetic's in the country. Unfortunately for Aiden, they do not. As a traumatic incident occurred as his powers manifested (his brother's paralysis), he's always considered the abilities a burden. Not realizing control was tied to his emotions, he all but broke the "tap" which regulated his internal generator's power in his desperate attempts to make them go away. This has left Aiden with a near permanent electromagnetic force-field around his body, fueled by his emotions. On good days he can almost get away with not shorting everything he touches, but on bad days anything within a 5 foot radius could get fried.
With Rick's help he's slowly learning how to control them.


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